A series of short video clips I animated in After Effects for Alphi.XYZ using digital illustrations by Matt Haley

A promotional spot for CFC's video series. Using the footage provided to me, I edited, color corrected, and animation motion graphics to shorten a 1-minute spot into a 30-second spot.

An educational video teaching children to implement IF-THEN planning to overcome roadblocks to their goals. I used Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects in order to combine a photograph of my hand holding a marker to create a whiteboard animation.

This is a version that I was tasked to revise in order to localize it for Spanish-speaking audiences.

An introductory video about Self-Regulation (for Committee For Children) I provided the storyboards and illustrated motion-graphics for.

The Adolescent Brain - I provided illustrations and simple animations for this segment of Committee for Children's educational content.

In 2018, this content was awarded the 61st CINE Golden Eagle Award for Professional Media in the category of Children's Programming: Series/Mini-Series.

More of the segments I animated will be posted below.

Studying Mice Brains

Practice Makes Perfect

Trying A New Strategy

The Story of Phineas Gage

What Are Emotions?

Remembering Your Values

Unhelpful Thoughts

Calming Down

A video explaining BIG TABLE's mission statement. After editing the VO and music provided to me, I provided the motion graphics in a 'napkin' doodle style.

A video recapping BIG TABLE’s 2015.

A little video I made to help a friend entering a contest to create a fun drink. Meant to supplement an in-person presentation.

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: Russian Space Rock!

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: LULU the HERO PIG!

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: COPROLITES! (poo fossils)

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: THE ISLAND OF THE DOLLS!


A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: SPIDER-WEB FARM!

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: CAT ISLAND!

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: BIGFOOT!

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: FOSSILIZED INSECTS!

A Kelly’s Curiosities episode: All about the Raptor Rex!

A promotional video for OxygenLearning

Motion Graphics & Animation

Samples of motion graphics I’ve provided for projects using Photoshop and After Effects.

Illustrator, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Editor
Kelly’s Curiosities (MSN/Bing Video), Big Table (non-profit organization)
2013 – 2014
Video (motion graphics, animation)