A short film that I co-wrote, co-directed, and storyboarded.

A video I edited for the beginning of Harebrained Schemes' Kickstarter campaign for BATTLETECH.

Successfully funded in the first hour!

A “Final 48 Hours” video for the Battletech Kickstarter campaign that is meant to be an abridged version of the original campaign video. I shot the new footage and incorporated it into the existing footage.

A montage of footage I shot for fun at Seattle’s Tough Mudder 2013.

A video I shot and edited for the announcement of Sseko Design's 2013 Fall Collection.


A quick montage of footage I caught sporadically at a friend’s wedding.

A video I shot and edited of an engagement photo shoot by Maxine Toh of:


A video of a night at the Puyallup Fair I shot and edited to test out the 60fps feature on the Rebel T2i.

Another 60fps test at a baptism.

Digital Videography

Digital shorts that I have shot using a combination of a Canon 5D Mark II and Rebel T2i and edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Digital Video, Digital Editing