Final Short Film

A poster I mocked up pretty quickly.

Rough thumbnails during story development

Early passes at the overconfidence of Secret Agent

Designing Clifford Bronson

The Bronson Maneuver

VIMEO STAFF PICK – September 2009


  • story development
  • character design
  • storyboarding
  • editing

The Bronson Maneuver is a short film that a small group of friends (Mike McCain, Danny Dahlquist, and Ryan Sluman) and I created for CGSociety’s CGChallenge XXIV: Secret Agent (which was held over 2 years ago).

Ryan Sluman, our animator, really wanted to try his hand at stop-motion animation. We used this contest to help him ACHIEVE HIS DREAMS.

We all hashed out a simple story together (which is always more difficult than it sounds) that was short enough for us to finish within the contest’s deadline. Also, if you aren’t already aware, stop-motion animation is a lot of work. Did you ever see that episode of Parks & Recreation where Ben tries it out? It’s like that!

I provided the storyboards and assisted with the editing and sound. I also cut together a short trailer.

Contest Entry, Storyboarding, Claymation, Animation, Editing